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4 Exterior Improvements to Boost A Company’s Roadside Image

When a company looks professional, clean, cared for, and reputable from the road, customers are far more likely to stop in. Every company can make small changes to make their building seem far more inviting. With a few flower pots and a fresh coat of paint, a business owner would be amazed at how different the exterior of the business looks.

Repairing the Parking Lot

The parking lot must always be kept in prime condition. It should be swept regularly and remain free of debris. Parking lots will degrade over time, requiring minor fixes such as patching or painting, or they may need to be repaved entirely if they are in bad condition. Asphalt patching Pittsburgh PA will help to protect the parking lot by fixing small imperfections before they grow into large cracks or pot holes.

Repainting a Faded Building

If a building begins to fade, it may appear as if the business is struggling or neglected. This could be detrimental to gaining new customers, as many people will choose the business with the most professional appearance. With a fresh coat of paint and any minor imperfections repaired, the business will look far more welcoming and thriving to a new customer.

Adding Landscaping or Container Gardens

Having lots of lush, green, flowering plants is very attractive for a business. If the plants are well cared for, visitors see that the company is maintained inside and out by someone who truly values the company. Walking among a garden is invigorating, as it excites the senses of touch, smell, and sight. Children love to see the flowers and ferns, as well.

Outdoor Displays

Shopping outside is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Try placing some tables and racks with some of the hottest selling merchandise outside for customers to browse on the most beautiful days. It is also a wonderful idea to allow local vendors to set up and display their goods on certain days, as it invokes curiosity and brings in new customers.

If employees cannot decide on different major changes, the customers can also be asked to vote on their favorite ideas; this gives the business an idea of exactly what the customers want to see.