5 Expert Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Mother nature is truly important in our life. It gives us fresh air, it helps us relax, and it also gives us a wonderful environment to see and experience.

Our garden or our lawn is like our little mother nature, it gives beauty to the house, place to relax and rest, place for kids to play, and a recreational place for different events. To ensure the beauty and maintaining the health of it, we must know some ways of gardening and lawning.

Gardening and lawning give many benefits to our mental and physical health such as:

● It can reduce anxiety and depression, and lower blood pressure

● It helps you to prevent some diseases and cancers like coronary disease, colon cancers, and other diseases.

● It is a great form of exercise for your body.

● It gives influence on our environment, plants clean our air, consuming air pollution and exchanging carbon dioxide into oxygen, and you can use it as an investment in the near future.

Here are the 5 expert tips to be able to create a healthy lawn:

1. Area

You must have precise measurements of the area of your lawn so that you can treat it efficiently because when you know its’ area you can determine how much fertilizer you should apply and what kind of lawn treatments will be efficient for the lawn you are going to make.


Choose a type of grass that will do well in any kind of climate. Choosing the best variety of grass is most important in growing the grass and its performance. Your chosen varieties will indicate what lawn you will have.

2. Soil and water

You must check your soil first before you do anything in your area. Soil checking is the most important thing to do first because you must have the knowledge of what is the pH of the soil. PH is what directly affects soil nutrient availability. Without proper pH for nutrient transport and uptake, you can’t get good results from your soil. Water is very important because without it the grass can’t process nutrients. Water it once or twice a week early in the morning not nights for a longer period of time. Take note you should not water it everyday so that the grass can authenticate healthy roots, you can also use water sprinkler for watering. The lawn is like our health, you must be cautious about what you are treating it with. When treating it with fertilizers, it is better to use natural lawn fertilizers. You must know when and where to put fertilizers so you can utilize it properly

3. Cutting Height

Cutting height is a must to be monitored because it can help your grass live longer especially in different weathers. In cool-weather it is better to use a 1-1/2 inches cutting height for the first mowing to remove the dead part of the grass, and to allow sunlight to reach the crown part of it. In summer, use 2 or more inches, then back to 1-1/2 inches for the end cutting year, and in warm-weather will be about 1/2 inches lower.

4. Blade

In cutting the the grass to your desired height, you must use a sharp mower blade. A sharp blade cuts grass clean and also fairly. When you use a blade that is not maintained it can tear the grass, it might not be able to cut the grass to your desired height, it may damage the grass, they can easily get some disease, and it is in need for more nutrients to repair or recover damages.

5. Invest time, effort, and don’t give up

If you want your lawn to be neat, healthy, and beautiful you must give effort and time for it. Just like an artwork, creating a lawn takes time you need to make some sacrifices but the reward you will get from will be better. Creating a lawn is not that easy, but with determination and confidence that you can do it, you will.