Home Improvement

Give Your Property a Resort Quality Makeover

Do you have a large property that looks bare and uninteresting? It is hard to landscape large yards. Simple flower beds and shrubs seem to disappear. This is when you need to look to the vacation resorts for inspiration. You can have that same welcoming feel on your property by copying some of their tried and true ways of decorating.

Large Pieces

A simple lawn ornament isn’t going to do the trick when it comes to large empty spaces. Try creating one large focal point that your landscaping can use as a centerpiece. This could be a gazebo with plenty of seating for summer afternoons or a pond complete with a water feature. You can find beautiful pond aerators and fountains from professionals like those at The Lake Doctors.


Did you ever notice how a resort seems to pull you in. Create this same affect for family and friends by using walkways. A cement or gravel walkway leading to the house is a great way to start. Add more that will guide guests towards you larger pieces and allow them to explore the property on their own. Use flowers as a border for a pop of color.


No resort is complete without a bit of fun. Don’t forget to include it in your design as well. You can go big and install a swimming pool that everyone will appreciate on the hot summer days, or you can tone it down a bit and simple create a fire pit area with plenty of seating for all. Even a patio with a table and chairs and an outdoor grill can provide recreation.

By stealing a few of these landscaping tips from the resorts, you too can have an area that feels warm and welcoming even if it is large. Large pieces will help fill the space while walkways will help draw people in. Don’t forget to add some fun, and your yard will be complete.