Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors give a look of sophistication to any shower. At the same time they lighten the overall look of the bathroom. Another good thing about glass shower doors is that they can be custom made by a company such as Glass and Mirror Outlet of Minnesota.

Types of Glass Shower Doors

Glass doors for a shower can be frameless, framed or semi-framed. A framed glass door has a frame that is often made of a metal such as aluminum. The frame runs on a track that’s either on the floor of the shower or runs along the top of the bathtub if it’s a bath/shower combination. Shower frames can come in a wealth of finishes.

Frameless showers give the appearance of panes of floating glass. They have a modern feel to them and have the advantage of making even a small bathroom look larger than it is. Frameless showers are easier to keep clean than framed showers because they do not have a track that needs to be regularly cleaned. The only metal they have are clips and hinges.

A semi-frameless glass shower doors Minneapolis doesn’t have metal that goes all the way around the door as a framed shower does. However, there is metal all the way around the structure that holds the door.

Kinds of Glass for Glass Shower Doors

Most homeowners choose clear glass for their shower doors. Another type of glass is frosted, which gives the room the elegance of clear glass but provides privacy for the bather. Frosted glass can come in different colors and can have etched designs and patterns.

Rain glass is smooth on one side and textured on the other, and also allows a person to have privacy while they’re in the shower. It gets its name because the glass looks like it is permanently speckled with raindrops. Rain glass hides water stains and fingerprints well.

Hammered glass gets its name because it resembles metal that’s been decoratively hammered. It has indents that are pleasing to look at and touch. These indents also refract light in interesting ways.


Families love showers because they are convenient, fast and energy efficient. The addition of a glass door makes them esthetically pleasing as well.