How to Find A Caliber Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling a bathroom can be a tough and painful experience for any homeowner. So you step back and decide to hire a professional. Too often finding a reliable, professional, awesome contractor to do bathroom remodeling is just as painful.

Here are steps you can take, to find a high caliber bathroom remodeling contractor for your upcoming project:

1.     Detail and define

You should carefully conduct a search online before you reach out to the bathroom remodeling contractors. Browse through home remodeling magazines and online galleries, check out showrooms and retail stores to find modern styles and materials that you desire to have and that match your requirements. That will orient you to the conversation you will have with the designer.

2.     Talk to friends and family

One of the best ways to find a quality remodeling contractor quickly is to talk to your neighbors, friends, family to see if they have had a great experience with a contractor for remodeling. Ask about their experience, go to their remodeling contractor’s website and read customer reviews online.

3.     Check references

Ask for references from recent clients of the contractor you interview. If they provide details, then talk to these clients about the quality of services given by the mentioned contractor. Ask them about whether and how they hit the project deadlines and about their overall experience.

4.     Get it in writing

Always ask for a written estimate from a licensed bathroom remodeling contractor. This agreement should clearly define the work scope, timeline and cost for your upcoming project. Be sure to have them include details about how communication, project management, changes and unforeseen circumstances will be handled. How the remodeling contractor manages the project is as important as the work.

5.     Verify the company’s reputation

Verify the company’s address, certifications, insurance and licensing. Check online reviews and the Better Business Bureau. Beware of remodeling contractors who don’t have legitimate qualifications. Always stay away from companies who have no track record, verifiable address and proven history of quality work.

6.     Set a budget

Set a budget for the project and allow for some recasting if hidden problems, like water or mold issues, arise. You should be mentally prepared for unexpected expenditures within reason.

7.     Check the remodeling contractor’s work before payment

Compare the completed work to the contract before you make a final payment.  The best remodeling contractors will give you an itemized review.

Finally, be ready for the impact to your daily routine during the remodeling process and set expectations for the workers in your space on a daily basis. Follow these tips and you will set yourself up for a successful bathroom remodeling project.

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