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How to Prevent Your Teen from Getting Locked Out of the House

Teenagers often come home to empty houses in the afternoon. Now that your teen might be old enough to stay home alone after school, things might be working out better for everyone in the family. Your teen might like being home alone for a little while after a long day at school so that he or she can relax, unwind and get some homework done without any distractions. Also, now that you don’t have to worry about paying for child care or making other arrangements for your teen after school, you might have found that your life is much simpler and that things are much more affordable. Of course, you might be concerned that your teen will, at some point, get locked out of the house. Teens can and do get locked out of their homes, but certain things can help with this.

Have a Good Locksmith on Standby

If your teen does get locked out of the house, you might not be able to leave work to help. Having a good locksmith on standby will help if your teen does end up in this situation. Save the contact information for a company like so that you don’t have to scramble to figure out who to call if your teen does get locked out.

Give Your Teen a Nice Keychain

Your teen might be less likely to lose his or her key if he or she has a cool keychain to store it on. Consider letting your teen help you pick out a nice keychain for storing the house key on.

Stash an Extra Key

Stashing an extra key to your house in a hidden place on your property can be relatively safe if you put it in a good and not-so-obvious hiding place. Alternatively, you could just leave a key to your home with a trusted neighbor. Then, your teen will know what to do if he or she does not have access to the house.

Teens can sometimes get locked out of their own homes. With this simple advice, though, you can help prevent your teen from ending up in this situation.