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Make Life Easier: Create Automatic Gates

Farming can be a dirty job, and the situation only worsens when you have to get out of your vehicle in the pouring rain and trudge through six inches of mud to open a gate. Most farmers resign themselves to the occasional day of grime, but there is a better solution: an automatic farm gate opener. This device works almost like a garage door opener in your vehicle. Instead of getting out of your vehicle, all you have to do is approach the gate at a low speed and bump it open with your vehicle.

Don’t worry about damage. The gate is coated in a PVC-sleeve that will protect both the gate and your vehicle from damage. The gate will continue to open as you drive, but will automatically shut itself after a few moments. The length of time the gate remains open can be adjusted.

Gate size isn’t a concern, either. if your gate is 12 feet or more, you’ll want to use an additional device to help it close. This gate wheel is provided in the installation kit. The weight of the whole kit isn’t much, either—just 58 pounds. Installation is designed to be easy and compatible with a large number of gates, even though the device was originally designed for pipe rail gates.

The utility isn’t limited solely to passenger vehicles, either. You can open the gate with a tractor or wheelbarrow just as easily as you would with your car, though you will want to be careful not to damage it with any protrusions on a tractor. Despite this ease of use, the gate opener is sturdy enough to stand up to even the most persistent bull. You can trust that the gate will close behind you and keep your animals inside while letting you go about your day, hopefully a bit dryer than you might be otherwise.