Summer is Just Around the Corner and There are Plenty of Things You Can Do in the Garden

Summer is just a few weeks away, and there’s no time like the present to get out there in the garden and make sure it’s in good shape. The weather is getting warmer and there is no longer any threat of a frost. June is a very busy month for anyone with a garden to take care of. Put in the effort now and it will be duly rewarded. Keep reading for some of the important things you can do.

Top Gardening Tips for June

Summer bedding – With the frosts being a dim and distant memory it’s time to get those planters, hanging baskets and containers planted with your summer bedding. If you’ve been forward thinking enough to have some already growing in your greenhouse it’s time to put them out on show.

Weeding – don’t let the weeds get a hold. Regularly hoe your borders. All the extra light and warmth will mean those pesky weeds sprout up everywhere.

Bulbs – many of your spring flowering bulbs will have finished their display, so dig them up and divide,

Tomatoes – your tomatoes should be well under way, so it’s time to check them regularly and pick out any side shoots. As soon as the first truss sets fruit you should start feeding them. Pot up any side shoots to grow into new plants.

Harvesting – lettuce and radishes should be ready to harvest, along with other salad crops and early potatoes. Any other potatoes can be earthed up as they grow.

Lawn care – time to start mowing your lawn, at least once a week.

Pruning – many of the spring-flowering shrubs will have finished their show, and it’s time to give them a judicial prune.

Staking – any tall or floppy plants in your garden will appreciate some stakes.

Shade – it’s not going to be long before temperatures soar, at least that’s what we’re hoping. Give your greenhouse some shade to prevent plants inside becoming scorched and to keep it cool.

Climbing plants – honeysuckle and clematis will appreciate some extra support. As new shoots appear tie them in to their supports. Evergreen clematis can be pruned where it is overcrowded or there are dead stems.

If you’ve got any questions about gardening in June Garden Club London will be more than happy to offer advice. They have a team of designers, landscape architects and landscapers who have been working with customers across London for many years.