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What do you use a Bobbin Sander for?

A bobbin sander is ideal for the professional smoothing and finishing of intricate projects that include the plinths and mouldings that decorate items such as cupboards, chair backs and the shelves of Welsh dressers. It allows for great versatility in use and produces a finely detailed finish that is extremely smooth. Items to be sanded are held in place and moved by hand to produce the desired effect.

Using a Bobbin Sander

The bobbin is shaped like a small pillar and is vertically held on a spindle that rotates at a high speed of up to 1400rpm. The bobbin’s surface is covered with a sanding sleeve that is available in different grades or textures to suit the task in hand. When using the bobbin sander on the wavy edge of a plinth, the wood can be manoeuvred by hand to ensure that each section is expertly bevelled rather than having a sharp edge. Chair backs can be smoothed to create elegant, rounded surfaces. For greater versatility some models have bobbins that can be used in an angled position. Machines are usually equipped with a selection of different sized bobbins up to 76mm and additional sizes are available as optional extras to suit all projects both large and small.

Types of Bobbin Sander

Both floor standing and work bench models are generally used. The main difference is in their weight which can be around thirty kilograms for the bench top version or more than fifty for the floor standing model. However, there is little difference in their structure. Each has a central bobbin and a cast iron circular table for stability when working and to support the weight of the timber used in larger projects such as long shelf units. The table can be accurately positioned up to a 45 degree angle and is secured by a rack and pinion mechanism that allows the user to have a stable work surface to complete any sanding task with ease.

Special Features

The heat produced by the high-powered friction of the bobbin can often scorch the timber. However, a high-quality bobbin sander combats burning by incorporating a bobbin mechanism that moves in both vertical and clockwise directions. Opt for a bobbin sander with a dust extractor unit that connects to an extractor fan to protect your health and prevent the mechanism becoming impaired by excessive debris.


The use of a bobbin sander can improve production schedules for large projects while retaining the luxurious appearance of a hand-crafted item. It can be used to complete the large-scale manufacture of professional, hand-finished furniture such as chairs and tables. However, a bobbin sander is also perfect for individual hand-crafted projects such as making a wooden rocking horse, a small boat or even Swiss chalet style facing boards for the exterior of a house. Visit Data Power Tools for a selection of affordable bobbin sanders.