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The Process Of Repairing Stucco

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The Process Of Repairing Stucco

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Stucco is a siding finish used for lots of commercial and residential structures. Originally it was made from lime, sand, and water. Portland cement is one of the key elements of concrete and can be seen in structures like high-rise buildings and freeways.

Typically two to three thin layers are applied. A trowel is used for the first layer (scratch coating ) to create the scratches necessary for the second layer (brown coat). Also, stucco can may applied to brick, stone, concrete, and adobe, as well as a wood frame or other sorts of material.

Another benefit to using stucco on construction is its adaptability to a lot of distinct forms of architectural styles. The pigment can be added to stucco to change its color, and unique textures can be created to give the plaster a look like brick, stone or wood. In early times, it was used to create architectural designs (reliefs). Occasionally additional materials are added to the stucco to improve its durability and versatility. Many houses in Southern California have stucco siding, especially buildings with a Mediterranean or Spanish style. Stucco is also employed as an interior finish.

Like many building materials, stucco also can become damaged over time. Cracks can appear, as well as holes. There can also be chipping, particularly near or around corners. Cracking is usually caused by settlement. Even though stucco cracking may be a part of a building’s aging process, it could also be a sign of more serious foundation issues. Any stucco damage should be scrutinized by a base repair expert to be sure that the cause of the cracking is correctly identified and fully fixed.

Every time a crack appears, it should be repaired quickly to prevent further damage and deterioration. This is because water can enter the building through stucco wall cracks, causing corrosion and other structural problems, which will eventually require more extensive and expensive repairs. The amount at which water will enter a building due to cracking stucco depends on the crack size and depth of the crack, and where it is found. The quantity of wind in the area can also influence the level of water penetration. Home repair of stucco can be challenging, especially if you need to match textures and colors. The crack repair also needs to be waterproofed. You’ll want to make sure that any underlying structural issues causing the cracking are given attention as well. A stucco repair contractor can thoroughly inspect your property, give you invaluable feedback regarding stucco repairs,  and talk to you about any other building or foundation crack repair issues that might need to be corrected.

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