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The Best Temperature Needed When Storing Red Wine

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The Best Temperature Needed When Storing Red Wine

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The Best Temperature Needed When Storing Red Wine

As an avid red wine enthusiast, you want to invest in a wine fridge to store your preferred wine bottle collection properly. Many outlets on the market specialise in only providing the best wine fridges, such as, to name only one of many. In addition, your choice of wine fridge needs to be in an optimal working capacity to deliver the perfect red wine storage temperature. For example, many wine storage experts would recommend that you need to keep red wine between 7 – 18 degrees Celcius. In contrast, the temperature differs as you need to serve it slightly cooler than room temperature, which is estimated to be perfect, between 10 – 12 degrees Celcius. 

A wine fridge delivers on its promises

You might think that only a proper wine cellar can accommodate the correct temperature to store red wine collections properly. But this is further from the truth. And this is where the great innovation called a wine fridge comes into play. If you are a collector of red bottles of wine, your best bet would be to invest in a single-zone wine fridge. This unique version encompasses one temperature needed to store only one type of wine. For instance, a beautifully crafted red wine assemblage. It strives for perfection in climate needs but establishes a perfect balance of humidity, sun protection, and vibration levels. It is strongly recommended that the proper temperature does not fluctuate in any way. These alternations can damage the wine bottle’s corks and cause unwanted moisture seepage. 

The red wine speaks for itself

After years of development and research, many vintners have dedicated their lives to enhancing the flavour of every sip of red wine. The intense taste of red wine can be described in so many interesting ways. Such as full-bodied, sweet and rounded in nature. In addition, its powerful aroma is typically described as rich in cocoa and liquorice. There are even instances where there might be a slight scent that can only be intensified as tobacco or old leather. Accordingly, this type of wine demands the perfect serving temperature. For example, it is usually determined by room temperature or slightly cooler. And this is a crucial aspect that needs to be done as it would unlock the full flavour and the aroma of red wine. Red wine’s further commands to be uncorked at least 30 minutes before serving it. As we would like to savour every aspect of a great bottle of red wine, we need to take a serious look at the list of this type of wine’s estimations. 

The proper etiquette of red wine enjoyment

When that special occasion arises, you would feel the need to take out that very expensive bottle of red wine that has been stored for a while now in your wine fridge. This bottle of red wine has been aged appropriately and served at the perfect room temperature. But there are more aspects to consider that would help you impress your friends and family even more. If you feel the wine needs to be aged more suitably, you might need to use a decanter. In addition, using an aerator can optimise the ageing required before the first sip.  Always be consistent with the rules and etiquette of wine; for example, only pour the red wine into an appropriate wine glass until the centre of the glass itself. When your guests go home, you might discover a bottle of wine that might still have a little bit leftover inside. Many advise using appropriate bottle stoppers, wine shields, or even wine pumps to preserve the last bit of precious liquid to be enjoyed at a later stage.

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