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How to Arrange Office Space To be comfortable, from Using Usb to Improving Lighting

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How to Arrange Office Space To be comfortable, from Using Usb to Improving Lighting

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How to Arrange Office Space To be comfortable, from Using Usb to Improving Lighting

The office can be said as a second home because one-third of your day is spent in the office. Therefore, it is certainly quite important to decorate the office to be comfortable and support your work activities. Also, most productive companies always organize their offices into good and comfortable places, even exceeding the comforts of home. If you are looking for a way to organize an office workspace, it’s a good idea to listen to the following 8 tips for a comfortable room that can increase your productivity.

1. Use a USB Fan

Along with the continued development of technology as in modern times like today, there have been many technologies that have been successfully created by scientists to facilitate human activities, one of which is a usb fan. USB fan has a tiny, lightweight shape, making it easy for users to carry anywhere. The power uses 4 AA batteries, or you can charge it directly using a USB cable. You can also add water to soak the water filter to keep the air fresh. To use it is also easy, just turn on-off-on the side. Usually, those who use this tool are those who often do activities outside the home. For more information about usb fan, you can see this video

2. Place the Board on the Side of the Workbench

To organize your office workspace more efficiently, try placing a board with magnets or small nails to attach various papers. Later this board will contain everything you have to do, schedule a meeting, and various other important things.

You can also use sticky notes to paste papers that have a variety of things related to work. If a job is finished, you just have to pull out the sticky note so that only unfinished things are on the board.

Next to this board, don’t forget to hang a small calendar that you can mark for important days and various written schedules. Make sure the board has a color that is interesting enough for you and makes you not stressed looking at it.

3. Add Living Plants

If you work in cubicles in a closed room, try adding live plants as decoration on your desk. No need to be large and complicated to take care of, try succulents, cactus, or Chinese bamboo to put on the end of the table.

Plants like succulents and cacti do have a variety of interesting species and colors, so they can brighten your desk. Moreover, these plants do not need to be watered too much and can grow well in an enclosed space.

Plants on the table can also provide positive energy for people who look at it and make your desk look more alive.

4. Tidy up everything

On a less organized work desk, usually will be littered with various kinds of office stationery ranging from pencils, pens, paper, rulers, tape, and so on.

It is wrong if you think this does not affect work productivity, because by organizing it more regularly, you will be easier to find the items you need and can do the job faster so that productivity increases.

For this reason, try to make room for each item you need, for example placing a pencil and pen in a separate glass, then placing paper and large stationery in a tray that has been decorated in your style.

To place everything, you can also create your place for various items according to your needs and the size of your work desk.

5. Make Your Seat Comfortable

A work chair is important for your comfort in the office, because of course in that office chair you take care of the most variety of jobs available. Therefore, seat modification is the most comfortable seat to support the work atmosphere.

Try adding a chair cushion on your bench, so that you are more comfortable and can lean more easily. You can also add a fleece blanket to the surface of the chair so that the buttocks are not too sore due to harder holders.

Think creatively and express your ideas to make the workbench more comfortable. If necessary and possible, you can just replace the workbench with a new chair that is more comfortable.

6. Install Wallpaper

The next way to organize your office workspace is to put wallpaper on your cubicle wall. Who says everything in an office must always be stiff with one color that dominates the room?

Of course, you can add wallpaper on the wall that you think is too boring and saturated.

Not only on the walls, but wallpaper can also be affixed to the drawers of the workplace, which are usually monotonous in color so that they become more lively and provide uplifting energy.

7. Add Glass

A small workspace can make fatigue come faster. Therefore, try placing a medium-sized mirror next to the table if you think your cubicle is too narrow.

With the mirror on the side, it will indirectly have a broadening effect, because your view becomes wider when you look at the mirror, not fixated on the empty wall which is often saturated.

8. Improve Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important decoration points. For those of you who feel the workspace lacks perfect outside lighting, and even the lights in the room don’t help much, try to install a small lamp next to the desk so the workspace feels warmer and more comfortable.

A table with sufficient lighting also makes you less sleepy, so you can be even more productive in completing work.

These are 8 ways to organize your workspace to make it more comfortable so that your productivity in the office increases. Let’s start making the office not a tiring place, but a second home where you work comfortably.

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