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Some Things That Need To Be Asked Before Choosing A Buying Agent

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Some Things That Need To Be Asked Before Choosing A Buying Agent

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Some Things That Need To Be Asked Before Choosing A Buying Agent

Hiring a buying agent is critical to the success of your project, whether it’s just about a few pieces of furniture customized for your home, a large-scale project that involves furnishing an entire resort, or constantly replenishing store supplies.

This checklist will help you evaluate export agents from Indonesia, especially those from sourcing bali and other countries:

What services does the agent offer?

You should expect more from an agent than just work as an intermediary between you and the producer. Demand at least the following services: Quality control carried out by agents and regular updates on production processes. Free warehouse service for combining multiple orders. Consultation on trade-offs between price and quality, explanation of various materials, and finishing options. Export packaging and preparation.

Does the sourcing agent have a minimum order?

Many agents have a minimum order quantity for a 20-foot container (in other words, min: $ 5k – $ 15,000, or several hundred items). Most clients are only interested in a few parts. Even customers with larger orders want to order the first sample to access workmanship. Furthermore, after the main order, the client may wish to order a few more products as completion. This also includes customized products. Sample order possible. Comprehensive consulting, quality control, and delivery service even for small orders.

Do they have experience with your order types?

There is a fundamental difference between products for commercial and for personal use. Products in public places are used by many people. They must not only comply with local regulations but also have to be stronger (material, joints, finish) than, say, private garden furniture. Good agents must understand this and act according to what they understand. Furthermore, many private clients may order for the first time abroad and require a brief overview of the entire process.

What types of products and materials do they offer?

First, many agents only focus on certain products (building materials, textiles, etc.) and therefore may not be the right choice for your request. However, choosing an agent whose expertise is only in your type of product is also discouraged, because for future orders, for a different product, you will have to find another agent. Besides, an agent with a wider range of expertise may suggest you the necessary solutions “to think outside the box”. An agent must have experience in a wide variety of products: building materials, furniture, textiles, decorative items, etc. Additionally, an buying agent must be able to suggest alternative materials and coatings.

Is customized design possible?

Customized designs should be possible. This can be based on pictures, drawings, or just descriptions. Of course, a customized product must not have a minimum order. Lastly, don’t pay more for a customized product than for a regular product from the catalog. A “design fee” is unacceptable.

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